Power in Peace


My thoughts of love, peace, hope, compassion and solidarity go out to all the peoples and countries that in recent years, months and days have experienced such deliberate acts of terror and violence that so wantonly destroy life and equilibrium.

All people who value self-expression, freedom and the right to be who they choose to be, are the targets of these attacks. We hear many trying to understand these ‘senseless’ acts of violence. Any form of such bizarre hatred, so liberally directed at a world seeking expansion, greater self-expression, inclusion and unity through diversity, is indeed a ‘sense less’ act.

As our own brave soldiers and police officers defend us, what can us ‘non –combatants’ do to truly make a difference? While our troops continue to bodily shield us from harm physically, I too am required to do my bit and that, as a shaman, it is what I, as many others were born to do. Times like these give us the opportunity to take on our wisdom and to marshal and direct our thoughts. It is a common belief nowadays that our thoughts create our reality. In shamanic teachings it is known to be so. After all, everything we see in front of us started out as an idea. We have to send calming thoughts in their direction as we would toward any enraged entity that would savage us.

In the world of duality where two faces are presented, it ‘matters’ more about which face we take on . . . not what the face before us represents; when we react with ‘thoughts’ of hatred and violence for ‘them’ we unwittingly fuel their cause. It their intention to split us up and introduce fear into human consciousness . . . divide and conquer, which is exactly what Hitler did. Any face no matter the colour that advocates separation and exclusion verses integration and inclusion, spreads fear and toxicity. The first creates division and weakness, the other strength and unity. Alienation is the key here and when we react in fear we give them what they intend to have. It is what their energy naturally does to us. It pushes against us, trying to invade our beliefs, lives and lifestyles. And when we reach out with similar darker thoughts we join with them to achieve their goals!

Peace and War have existed side by side as natural dyadic components in our world, since the beginning of time. It is which energy we will seek out in our own reactions to the face that presents itself

 This is not a statement to be noodles and allow ourselves to be wiped off the planet meekly! No! But peace is here and we have to actively choose it. Our darker aspects have taken us to the brink, for countless millennia, and we have all fallen into chaos, darkness and regression, hidden from higher self and expression, and so it goes on and on until we will it to be else. It is our power they seek to control by wresting it from us through the mechanism of fear. DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR POWER!

It is a call to choose our thoughts wisely, for with hatred and anger we unwittingly fuel their tanks instead of preserving the reservoirs of love and reconciliation. This opportunity has been presented many times over, but when we choose in fear we lose the plot and the heavier, darker, blinded view takes over, because we have made our own energetic thoughts darker and heavier and so inadvertently, we join forces with what we wish to change, undermining our own carriage further. While our air, ground and naval forces provide us a buffer zone, my peace and forgiveness are needed more than ever, for when healing is required most, the danger of the vital blood banks of love, are at their lowest, adding to the devastation. What a clever and diabolical plan to achieve maximum effect!

 Just as doctors treat all the bloodied on a battlefield in times of war, without choosing sides and without judgement, we are here to pour out the antidote of love, not worrying what the warmongers will do, but how we hold our own energy within us. Let us take them all into the light instead where all can heal their wounds.


BE BRAVE . . . BE DIFFERENT in what you choose to think.