Several decades ago, when conventional medicine could not aid me, I began to utilize and practice intensive meditative and traditional journeying techniques for pain as well as tranquility. It is through living it, I know it and with intentional daily practice, I am whole and whole-hearted; without reliance or dependence on external forces for my own well-being. The art is a visual dialogue and journal of the journey within.

Life has ups and downs; nevertheless it is easier to return consistently to center, utilizing the myriad Shamanic Wisdom techniques that have always been present in our Indigenous cultures, but shunned by many, as Western Theologies took precedence. It is interesting to note how many philosophers in our modern times are now turning back to these age old wisdoms to find truth and guidance in the restoring of well mind. I bring many years’ experience of the study and practical application of the many Shamanic Healing traditions of the several countries I have lived and worked in, as well as my own practical life experience.

The underlying, influencing currents and practical application of Indigenous Wisdom is very similar, worldwide. The practice of shamanism I engage in, derives from many sources but the continuing goal is the healthy witnessing, harnessing and development of the Prime Receiver within and the ability we all have, to journey back into the Soul Center to access that Shamanic wisdom inherent in all of us. Being able to tap into Source which is then readily available in everyday life, brings an even keeled state in which emotional equilibrium can be returned to, effectively and consistently. The shaman is a self-actualized person who is able to maintain this state personally, as well guide others to achieve their own balanced perspective for healthy self-expression through the magical discovery of their own Sacred Path. 

Although I employ several different traditional Shamanic techniques, I also use well mind modalities, appropriate to what someone is experiencing that day. Traditionally Shamans intervene on behalf of the person, my approach is to help the individual access their own wisdom and establish a trust of their own intuitive knowledge to transform negative situations into positive outcomes so that emotional stability is retained over time.

Simultaneously employed, are active meditative techniques, a few of the main ones engage in utilizing different forms of colour, art, journaling and other creative pursuits. No experience is necessary to benefit fully from using these relaxing methods.