Power- Removing the Veil of Illusion

In this representation of the feminine, although depicting an Indian woman, ethnicity has no bearing . . . here she represents the power and wisdom all women have . . .  whatever the background. We are, in any given role as women and as men, consciously chosen or not, the creators of our own destiny. The lifting of the veil represents the ability to see the truth and have the will to act upon it. Women have been required to cover themselves up and stand ignominious in their identity as their society dictated and in more ways than one. Is this propriety . . . or other?

As she lifts her veil she is seen receiving a benediction from Lord Shiva (destroyer of ego and the masculine symbol of the sun’s illumination), the first light of dawn, dissipating darkness. Seen extending from a combination of her left arm and another smaller figure embracing an elephant, Shiva, masculine from one angle and feminine from another< bestows her with Shakti . . . His power of Prime Goddess Mother, to symbolically lift the veils of illusion from her eyes. Powers within power, energies within energy, and all stemming forth from the central source of self.

Framing and surrounding her, made up of many smaller ones, the massive head of an elephant is seen. Symbolizing the Pleiadian Guardians of the Earth and humanity’s wisdom keepers, like dolphins and whales and representing the ancient matriarchal society of family, strength and affection, the Great Materfamilias Herself . . . Earth stands behind her in her will to be free and inviolate.