Metamorphosis - The Other Dimension. Acrylic on canvas. Artist/ Author Vanessa Brownbridge

The figure is a hybrid of feminine bounty. Human/ antelope/ amphibian, she looks up into the night sky seeing her reflection in the stars. Representing abundance, transformation and largesse she is at one with her Universe, easily able to see herself in the dream state. She is voluptuously attributed, in her ability to understand herself as all things. As she sings into the night sky declaring her awakening, a robin heralds the dawn and the red sun – a stirring at cellular level . . . a new spring and new beginnings. Her right hand depicts amphibious traits. . .  transformation and the ability to walk on land (the journey) or traverse the depths of water (intuition and inner wisdom). Several butterflies are seen, one prominently attached to her root chakra representing her transforming world. She has achieved completion by visiting all the many facets of self to better understand the puzzle of LIFE. She is surrounded by Earth’s creation divas, of which she is Prime.