The Merla

Who is The Merla? Whatever you choose her to be. Mercury quick in changeability, this is the ego (also our personality) . . .  continually there; lightening swift to take on the traits we have spent our lives conditioning and training. From the time of our birth, our parents, families and society have all had a handle on that which we have become. Some of us have a strong sense of self. We know who we are. Some of us take longer to find out and some of us spend lifetimes searching, having been blown off track by whom others think we are or whom we think we should be. Whoever we are, there is that nano-second of decision making where we are in neutral, before engaging the gear that prompts our next action and is therefore ever after the author, director and actor of our life story. The Merla (akin to Merlin or wizard energy), ruled and governed by emotion, is poised waiting for our signal. Mr Hyde (Mr Hide) or Gentle Green Goddess . . .  we always have the choice.