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Art and meditation have been my get well cards. Meditation has been the vehicle and art the medium which has set the flow of intent to create  wellness and balance. It is the culmination of these two gifts and the determination to will it into being, that have been the concourse for relief, recovery and discovery, and so I invite you here to enter a deep discussion on love and the eternal self and the wisdom I have found through my meditative, channelled paintings.

When we paint, make music, dance, make love, relax in nature or similar, we inherit the Earth. Celebration, engagement and appreciation of any of these joys, allows us to feel alive because during those times we truly are alive.

‘Making’ time to do what we love, grants us immediate access to the parts of us that are so ensconced in well-being and grounding in the flow of the moment, that it instantly connects us to life force. And yet, more often than not, we dismiss this joyful, perfect free gift that gives us direct access to the State–of–Well–Being, even if only, for that moment.

When I turned forty, my gentle, loving and very artistically gifted Father passed on. It shook and upset me, the grief I felt was deep and raw, but it was his memory and an old house in need of love and restoration that gave me the courage to attempt to paint some stencils on an old slopping wall. I found the stencils unsatisfactory and encouraged by some instinct inside, attempted to paint freehand. The rest as they say ‘is history’. What an incredible gift and legacy from core–being, that was as miraculous as it was priceless. An intrinsic ability that I had no idea was lurking within just quietly waiting to be recognised and released. Having been told at an early age in school that I was inept in this field steered me well away at any further attempt at visual arts. As I had talent in the performing arts, I was advised to stick with that, so imagine my delighted and awestruck incredulity, when what I painted really looked like what I had set out to paint!

We so often believe less of ourselves, no wonder it is easy to believe that of others. Depending on circumstance, society sometimes conditions us to see ourselves as small or insignificant, but life continually reminds me on how grateful we should be of all our gifts, no matter how large, magnificent, trifling or inconsequential we deem them. It is us and our access path to deeper understanding of the life force that lies within. And embracing all the darkest parts of ourselves as well as the light is the road to true freedom.

The more I practice art and meditation, the more I understand that to agree to put on human skin, blood, bone and muscle and manifest incarnate, requires a special kind of being. It is in engaging in the voyage of discovery of all of this extra special being that makes it all worthwhile. Because when we find ourselves, we find Nirvana . . . we are the Holy Grail . . . Priceless. What is stored within, irreplaceable; we are the bringers of life . . . our own . . . no other has it.  I hear so often how we become entirely fixated on the mindless, that we either have to find time for 'it', dismiss it entirely, or put it on the back burner for our retirement. Who is this 'it'? Remember the games that we played in our youth . . .? Tag! You’re IT! And it ran around blindfolded looking for the next it to poke into being the next one wearing the blinkers. What about talented Cousin ITT hiding behind curtains of hair, muttering incoherently to most in the ‘Adam’s Family?’

(Get it?) Only their wild and wacky nature gave them the ability to understand every word perfectly!

 Powerfully appropriate don’t you think?

That ‘ IT’ is the I Truth . . .  I Thought . . . In Time waiting It’s Turn, to be I Tuned to the I Time of NOW . . . all set until we achieve our ultimate future and eternal selves. But worrying and stressing our seconds away will not create pathway to our expansion. Rather it will do the opposite. I Can’t shuts us down, I Trust opens us up.

 Art, music, culture, these are the riches of our lives. The continual dismissing and throwing it away equals us dismissing and throwing us away. We are putting ourselves and our well-being on the back burner expecting to get well. We are so preoccupied planning for the future we forget to live within the present moment, which in truth is the only moment we have. The past is done, the future is yet to come and the now is where we’re at. The wise know this, emulate and say it all the time, but until we know it ourselves, it is almost impossible to truly understand, unless we are able to access it for ourselves, and that’s a lot of ITS!

Playing in I Time really does allow us to be present and fully conscious of our time, accessing all the parts of ourselves that make us whole.

Loving this moment nourishes the future and automatically cherishes the past; for it is the past that has brought us here no matter the context, and creates the grander vision for ourselves. It is the path of expansion and the next creation of ourselves, for that is what we do as The Creator.We create ourselves . . . now and in the future. The ‘We’ in the past has created us now and the now creates the future. Human consciousness creates the space for new consciousness to be born in the form of the next generation and so on and so forth.All too often, we forget to gas up, plug in . . .  recharge. And that everything we have worked to achieve becomes a death sentence instead of the freedom we thought we had earned. We simply forget to play, dogs have the right of it… every morning when Fido greets you with his tail up and a ball in his mouth he is saying to you, Come on pack mate let’s have a play, ‘cos that is how you really get this ball rolling.